5 More Warning Signs You’re Guest Blogging All Wrong

Warning Signs

We’ve covered a lot of ground in the first part of this post, so I figured we should continue with the topic to get the most complete image of the problem possible.

Last time, we talked about things like heavily SEOd links, nofollow links, lack of calls to action, not linking to a landing page, focusing too much on the numbers of words. Those were all technical issues, so to speak. Issues that although are serious in nature, can be fixed easily with some dedicated actions.

So today, let’s focus on mistakes that go a little broader and mostly focus on the bigger picture of guest blogging.

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5 Warning Signs You’re Guest Blogging All Wrong

Warning Signs

This isn’t something most bloggers will tell you, but guest blogging isn’t actually easy. I know that most people would rather hear something like, “Hey, you just need to contact a bunch of bloggers, send them your articles, and you will start building an audience and engaging with new communities.” Unfortunately, I can’t say something like this because it wouldn’t be true.

Guest blogging – when it’s to be done correctly and in a sustainable way – is hard, and it takes time. Unless you’re doing it purely as a hobby and you’re not interested in a little something called results.

Therefore, there’s a number of various mistakes that can happen along the way. Some of them small and with only marginal impact, but some with some serious consequences. So without further ado, here’s our list of five warning signs that you’re guest blogging all wrong.

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Guest Blogging Productivity 101: How to Build Your Action Timeline

Action Timeline

What’s an “action timeline,” right?

Here’s the thing. Guest blogging is one of those strategies that require us to take care of a lot of different tasks and also be on top of multiple communications at different stages of advancement. In short, it’s really really easy to overlook something … for instance, not respond to an email in time, or forget to follow up on some guest post proposition altogether.

Depending on how important guest blogging is for your business, this can mean some serious consequences. And that’s not even in terms of lost traffic or revenue. Your relationships with partners can suffer as well. Just imagine how a blogger you’ve forgotten about would feel about working with you in the future.

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How to Spice Up Your Guest Posts to Make Them Irresistible to Editors [Part 2]


A week ago, we talked about how preparing a nice pitch and writing a quality post isn’t always enough to get it published as a guest post.

Although it is kind of sad from a writer’s perspective, it’s hardly surprising. In the age where there are thousands of articles circulating the web every day, with hundreds of writers trying to make a name for themselves, no wonder that blog editors get picky.

It’s pure math, actually. If the editor has a number of articles in front of them, and they all discuss roughly the same topic, they will always go with the one that requires the least of their work and also has a more pleasant appearance.

(That’s unless they’ve been sent an article by a famous writer/blogger, in which case they will always go with that piece, regardless of its appearance or even quality for that matter.)

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How to Spice Up Your Guest Posts to Make Them Irresistible to Editors


As it turns out, pitching a great headline / outline duo isn’t always enough to get your foot in the door and into the publication queue on some popular blog.

Usually, the more popular the blog is, the more you have to do to get noticed, especially considering the fact that your pitch is likely one of the dozens (!) the blogger received that day.

So how to get over this? How to stand out from the crowd?

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How to Track Your Guest Blogging Results

How to Track Your Guest Blogging Results

I feel kind of uncomfortable mentioning the topic of tracking this late. After all, we’re guest blogging to get specific results out of it, so it’s only natural that we learn how to measure these results as soon as possible.

That being said, measuring guest blogging results is a rather complex topic. That’s mainly because it involves many variables and the events that are part of it take place in a number of different places/websites (for instance, the blog that hosts your guest post, your blog, your email newsletter provider’s websites and so on).

So let’s not lose any time and get into the topic right away. Here’s what’s worth tracking and why.

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Want to Land a High-Profile Interview for a Guest Post? Do It a Sneaky Way!


Although some of you may not be that excited about the technique I’m just about to describe, I have to admit that I was very impressed when I first stumbled upon it. Just like the headline suggests, it’s a bit sneaky, but nevertheless, I can see its potential to work really well in specific guest blogging scenarios.

Now, I didn’t try it out myself yet, but I was (actually, I am right now) on the receiving end of it. I won’t throw any names around though. Let’s just focus on the meaty part.


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9 Reasons Why Guest Blogging Will Change Your Business

Guest Blogging Will Change Your Business

Am I perhaps taking this too far? Is it too much to say that a single technique – like guest blogging – is capable of changing your business?

Well, it might seem like so, but that’s actually quite true. And you don’t have to go far to find examples.

Just to give you two, my whole freelance writing career was launched by guest blogging, and as far as I know, Onibalusi’s as well. More than that, because of various guest posts of mine that I’m trying to get published every week, my business continues to grow, with more and more opportunities presenting themselves every month.

But okay, enough talking about me. Let’s focus on you, and better yet, on your business and why guest blogging can change it for the better!

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Use These 6 New Types of Guest Posts to Get Approved More Often and Differentiate Your Work From Everyone Else’s

new types

Guest blogging has been pretty straightforward for most of its existence in the blogosphere. I mean, granted, getting a post published always involved a lot of work when reaching out, pitching the topics, writing the article, editing and all that stuff. But when it comes to the content types, guest posts have been pretty exclusively text only.

Well, not anymore.

Things have changed, and these days, guest blogging tends to get much more complicated.

Guest authors are forced to try different content types for a number of reasons, and the main one being differentiating themselves. The thing is, there’s just so many guest posts circulating around that sending something that’s text-only no longer makes you unique.

Therefore, let’s look into some of the more creative types of guest posts that are in use today and talk about how to take advantage of them.

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Passion – The Most Overrated Element in Successful Guest Blogging


First of all, please don’t banish me from the blogosphere for writing this article, but I really think that the idea of passionate guest blogging is greatly overrated.

I know that every – and I do mean every – blog about blogging tells you that the first mandatory trait you need in order to succeed is passion towards the thing you’re writing about, but I beg to differ.

And it’s not that I have anything against passion, per se. On the contrary, I’m actually passionate about guest blogging and the possibility to have my work published all over the web. But there’s just one detail that doesn’t fit in the general scheme of things, and it’s this: passion is not the only element that drives us through most of the activities we do in life.

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